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Cyclone Club Trip to Scotland – June 20th – 28th 2015

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Hi, I just wanted to get the feelers out for who would like to join Cyclone for a trip to Scotland from June 20th to 28th this year. Accommodation will be self catering cottage/appartment. Please let me know asap so I can start organising it.



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Membership Renewal

Hi everyone. Tomorrow is the first of February and time to renew your membership with Cyclone Mountain Biking Club. Cost remains the same at £15 for current members and £20 for new members. Please see the How 2 Join page for details of what is included within your membership. Please give cash or cheques to any of the committee members or we can give you details for on-line payments. The key fobs are black and white this year (running out of colours).

Looking forward to another great year of riding and trips away for classic Cyclone adventures.

Any questions just message the club using or contact me on 07972 753325.

Many thanks and see you soon.


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Cyclone are off to Sherwood Pines, Nottingham Sunday 12th October

Cyclone are off to Sherwood Pines, Nottingham         Sunday 12th October


Cyclone are off to check out the trails at Sherwood Pines, so let us know if you are joining us. :-)

We are meeting at 10.30 at the cafe.

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Cyclone eMail Address

Cyclone now have an email address. As not all our members are on Facebook, an email will be sent to let members know about events and social gatherings etc. If you wish to be added to the email contact list, please send a confirmation email to

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Dalby Forest – Yorkshire

The August Bank Holiday saw 14 members of the club travel up to North Yorkshire for some fun on the Dalby Forest trails. The majority stayed at South Moor Farm B&B who looked after us very well. There were no takers for camping...are the members becoming a bit soft?

We all managed to arrive Friday evening to meet at an Inn for some tea before trying to find the B&B nestled deep in the countryside. Luckily for us Andrew had done a recce to find the B&B in the daylight. We arrived in convoy in the pitch black, quite late but we still received a warm welcome.

Had a leisurely 8.30 breakfast...which when I suggested the time, some members thought that was more than a bit too early! Mike. With plenty of faffing time we cycled to the visitor’s centre to meet the rest of the group. Arriving on Cyclone time we faffed some more then headed off up the red trail. Straight up.... no messing.

The sun came out and the layers came off. The single track flowed through lovely purple heather and then back into the shade of the trees. There was time for a stop off at the play area for a couple of laps of the fun swoopy stuff, before some refuelling at the activity centre cafe. Back into the woods for some more single track before we said our farewells to a few riders that wanted to get the best of the hot water back at the B&B.

For the hardcore there were some bumpy and lumpy trails before some climbing back out into the sunshine with some views across the landscape. The trails were full of variety from some tricky short sharp downs to long flowing ones, berms, switch backs and much more.

With a choice of a more direct route back to the visitors centre, choices needed to be made. Peer pressure and the thought of missing out split the group again and a few nutters finished the red route.

All got back to the visitors centre in one piece with smiling faces so all in all a successful day. For 6 riders the day wasn’t quite over as we had to make the 3 to 4 miles back to the B&B. So back up the steep switch backs to the top of the hill with tarmac waiting for a cruise back to base.

Half way back and the heavens absolutely let rip!!! We stopped to regroup and put on the waterproofs. Drenched in minutes we headed off....... for the 2 miles back along the tarmac. hour later with the search parties out, 4 riders were lost out in the wilderness. Andrew to the rescue they were found. They had a homing device back down to the visitor centre and had to do over 100 metres of climbing all over again. Obviously wanted more.

A dash to the restaurant for all and in the warm and dry the tales were discussed in depth before the next adventures started trying to get back to the B&B.....all I will say is the same 4 wanderers didn’t make it back for an early night that they all desperately needed.

The next day was a new day with rested bodies and plenty of enthusiasm to go and find some more trails. Bring it on! With a lot less drama and dryer weather a good time was had by all. The group split as requests for different trails emerged. Reunited in the evening to eat again, everyone had plenty of memories to swap. Everyone was still smiling and talking about where to go next.

Another classic Cyclone trip! Thank you to everyone for making it such a great time. Loads more photos on Facebook.



IMG_4136 IMG_4158IMG_4166 IMG_4170 IMG_4179

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18th May 2014. The Summer is Here!

A lovely sunny ride round Woburn woods today. Great to see 19 members out (new & not so new). Welcome back to Karen and welcome to those that have joined us recently. Thanks to Andrew for leading us round. I've posted some photos from today on our Facebook page.

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2014 with Cyclone Mountain Bike Club

Hi everyone. Hope you are all well and keen to get out on your bikes for another year of great riding. As you may have noticed the calendar has been updated with lots of away days and social events. I hope you will all come and join us for as many of them as you can. Details and updates of the events will be communicated through our Facebook page 'Cyclone Mountain Biking Club'.

See you all soon

Cyclone Committee


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The First Spring Ride of 2013

Great ride today with a good turn out. Must have been something to do with that big round yellow thing in the sky. The 'slightly less fast' group lead by Big Gav was 13 strong (well we felt strong at the beginning). We were joined by three newbies John, Terry and Stuart (please forgive me if these aren't your names...not my best skill, names!). As there were some lovely new clean bikes amoungst the group Gav managed to find the only stretch of boggy mud in the woods! Good one Gav. Bike's got their christening.

As the temperature began to rise gradually by at least one or two whole degrees, everyone started stripping, having layered up just a bit too much.

For the second hour we decided to split into 3 groups as there were at least 25 of us. Didn't count exactly as people don't stand still for long enough. Trouble was Woody must have crucified the first 'fast boys' group as no one wanted to join him for another hour! He he. So Woody joined the 'not so speedy' group for the second hour.

Keith led the way out and after another wizz round the woods we headed for refuelling at the cafe. Sat outside in the sunshine for a bit discussing all the events to be entered this year before a steady ride back. Andrew and Jason went for the bacon/sausage & egg baguettes so were still digesting most of the way back.

Here's looking forward to plenty more sunny rides throughout the summer! See you next week.


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Weekend In Wales 3rd to 6th May – Afan

Re Afan wales weekend 3rd to 6 th May.
Please let me know if you are coming along and if you would like to B&B or camp . We have 8 places at the B&B @ £28.00 pppn. First come , first served so let me know asap . B&B contact is
The camping is £3.20 pppn . Thanks, Gilly

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Cyclone’s first weekend away of 2012 – NorthWales

I'm never good at writing reports but the home page is looking a bit out of date! it looks like we never ride as a club but I promise that we do, every Sunday in fact!

Cyclone's first trip away of 2012 saw members heading to North Wales for the weekend . Some arrived a bit late and missed the Saturday beasting due to a mishap on the M6 but thankfully there were no injuries other than to Jason's van and they arrived on Saturday evening for Sunday's ride.

Saturday The Wayfarer and Berwyn's...

We all set out on a route from Llandrillo that I done a few years ago with some guys from mtbbritain. Weather was looking ok ish showers were forecast but it was sunny when we set out on the first climb. It was quite a slow and steady affair a few gates to open and bit that were too steep for us southern softies to ride up at well Gilly was still new to being clipped in and was struggling abit so ! had to act like a bit of blacksmith at one point and move the cleats back on her shoes, the walker that went passed gave us a funny look ( she kept her shoes on ! ). A few showers passed the coats went on, came off, it got cold it got warm typical welsh weather! We finally arrived at the top to the memorial plate and everyone signed the book that it kept there in a large metal box.
Down hill at last ! Most of us found it great fun on the rocky bumpy trail down, Gilly was still struggling with being clipped in but luckily just happened to have a pair of flat pedals in her bag (Sure there should be a joke about women's hand bags here)
Pedals changed we were all happy and going down hill fast. Quite a lot of the trail is quite damaged now by the amount on motorbikes that use it I did test one of the puddles I dunked my bike it was over the wheels and still not touching bottom. I hope hope hubs and bottom bracket bearing seals are as good as they say they are. We were soon on over half way and on the linking road section quite a few more hills on the road section that I remember we caught up quite a bit of lost time though without having to go too mad.
We were now back off road and had a bit of a rest before tackling the last hill. What a killer it was I can remember it being a bit of a push, It was a mega push and carry. I struggled and I know I'm a little fitter than a few of the people I had dragged out into the back of beyond. I got to the top eventual left bike and walked back down to help a few others out with getting up the hill/ mountain. We made it! to the top almost all down hill from here we headed across the top along the bridleway but it was quite hard going as it had been ripped to pieces in places by motorbikes. Someone did say about putting up a gun placement to shoot them as they came up the hill most thought this was a very good idea. Finally gravity took over properly just as the weather turned a bit of rain, sleet and hail it was dam cold! what ever was falling out of the sky it was a straight dash to some of the original climb now so a few made a bit of a dash for it as cold was setting in. Respect was needed as a lot was on wet grass and rocky paths. The weather improved the lower we got and it was sunny again the time we reached the car park. A very tough ride ! very character building as Caroline put it Thanks for no one throwing their toys out the pram ( a couple of times I though people were going to miss out on the toys and just throw the whole pram )

We all arrived back at the hostel in Llangollen to be met by Jason and Phil who had the bad luck of a blow out on Jason's van on the M6 Friday evening. Very good to see them safe, Jason informed me parking with a wheel on top of the crash barrier on the hard shoulder isn't recommended.

We all met up before going out for dinner in the lounge at the hostel where they had a guitar a piano and didgeridoo which had a few giggles going on, Phil was quite handy with the didgeridoo. We all had a very nice and very reasonably priced meal at the Dee side bistro with proper sized portions too. A few more drinks and a chat back at the hostel it was time to retire for the night the stairs did feel a bit on the painful side to most after the days ride.

Sunday Llandegla...

Sunday dawned to the sound of down pour things didn't look good. Llandegla was the plan for today after the previous days out in the wilds natural ride. Looking out the window into the rain it was possible to seen where it had snowed up high not good.
After breakfast things got a bit brighter and the sun even started to show its face by the time we had driven to Llandgela it was bright and sunny bit still a bit chilly. I had a confession I did arrive a bit before the others a llandegla and had one of their very nice bacon rolls. The trails at Llandegla had a bit of an upgrade before Christmas making things a lot more fun, with more climbing of course. We split into two groups today as some didn't fancy the extra climbing of doing all the black sections. Myself, Jason and Phil done the black route I have ridden it quite a bit as I'm lucky enough to have family living only 20 mins but still find it great fun though lots of jumpy swoopy bits of trail with table tops and double to roll or jump if you dare. Lots of shouting and squealing like a girl from Jason and Phil at times too. Jason cleared his first table top which made him quite happy. It had turned into a wonderful day the sun was really bright but with a bit of a nip in the air to stop you getting too hot. The trails were a bit wet still but you can't have everything this is Wales!

I think everyone will agree a great weekend away

Thanks for doing the hard part of organising it Gilly

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